"Fresh" Furniture Orders

When you place your order, We will order you a "fresh" item: wrapped, clean, and as new as possible from the manufacturer. We are NOT going to take your furniture from a showroom display OR dig your furniture out of an old dusty warehouse. This usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the manufacturer's stock and the time it takes the manufacturer to ship the item to us.

If the manufacturer notifies us of a delay, we will contact you ASAP and give you the updated order time.

When the item arrives at our Central Coast warehouse, we will contact you and schedule a day and time frame that we can deliver to you. When we load the truck before your delivery, we may want to unpack the items to confirm the quality and that all the hardware is available to complete your delivery. If we unpack your items before we load the truck, we will expertly protect the items to ensure that they make it safely to your home.